The stone is a stone Ollare typical of our valley that we manage directly and consists of granules in olivino aggregated rather coarse-grained bands and variable. Among its main features includes a high heat resistance and the ability to keep it long, plus an uncommon malleability that makes it easy to work. Prini Granites, over the years, has specialized in the production of stoves and cooking surfaces.

La bistecchiera in pietra ollare è indicata nella cucina dietetica, poiché cuoce il cibo senza grassi. È disponibile nei formati: 22x31x2 cm, 25x40x2 cm, 16,5×16,5×3 cm, completi di telaio in acciaio inox o in legno e di una deliziosa confezione che ne fa anche un simpatico e originale articolo da regalo.

If required we can cut to size for barbecue grills outside.

Soapstone has a thermal conduction and heat storage exceeds the refractory material; taking advantage of these features, our company has specialized over the years in the production of "ovens" in soapstone. It 'a sufficient load of wood to maintain a comfortably warm environment for several hours. Our ovens, clearly inspired by Walser, besides being very useful furnish the environment that hosts transmitting warmth and tranquility.

Properties of soapstone

Soapstone stand very high temperatures (up to 800 °) and has excellent thermal storage; also is immune from the effects of acid alkaline, then cooks the food while preserving the natural flavor, without altering it.
Being non-stick does not absorb the oil and / or fats present in the food, always staying 'as new'.
Grey Stone just needs to be handled carefully and will last forever, attention to thermal changes that affect the duration.

Grey Stone in the kitchen

Cooking natural, ecological and dietetics, unique, applies to everything that comes to mind: excellent meat, delicious fish, especially in pieces. For your lunch of foods cooked in a natural and dietary, we propose our soapstone.

Instructions on the care of the stone Ollare Greystone