The Val d'Ossola is the tip of Piedmont, in the north, the territory of the province of Verbania is wedged in the Valais canton Ticino Switzerland to the west and east.

The environment of these valleys is kept of all untouched by any form of pollution, so that a considerable portion of the Ossola area has been given to the establishment of the Natural Park of Veglia and Devero and Val Grande National Park, the the wider area "wilderness" of Italy. But most of the Ossola is a spontaneous nature park, because these valleys have had to contend with the depopulation and abandonment, and for this reason we offer the hiker as lands surprisingly intact from the naturalistic and architectural point of view.

The little town of Masera is far from Domodossola, at the foot of the Vigezzo Valley.

The territory, mostly flat, is dominated by the river Toce, which here has its meeting point with some of its tributaries, as Isorno streams, Melezzo and Bogna. On the wild mountains surrounding the town they unfold a large amount of small villages that retain their charm of ancient village. Going even further quota meet sunny green pastures, in addition to the small lake of Onzo.

Economics and crafts

The district is characterized by the presence of vineyards and wine tradition is very much felt in the area, which is home to many wineries that produce the "Prunent" noble Piedmontese wine, descended from the Barolo vineyards and Span. However, the entire restaurant industry is particularly developed, and offers among its most delicious specialties of the many salami Ossola tradition. Among other economically relevant activities in the area include agriculture, breeding, working in the forest, trade, handicrafts and stone working, all combined with a thriving tourist offer.