The Serizzo

It has a conformation similar to that of Granite and excellent physical and mechanical properties.
The wide availability of Serizzo allows a large civil building use throughout the national territory, even for large-scale works (airports, railway stations and subways).
The Serizzo can be used for floor and wall coverings for interiors and exteriors, fireplaces, stairs coating, skirtings, thresholds and window sills, contours for doors and windows, covers, balconies and shelves, tables and benches, curbs, columns, bathroom and kitchen floors, fountains, funerary art and street furniture.
The latter is also playing a leading role, finding more and more appreciation for its properties and the unmistakable colors of the quality Serizzo Serizzo Antigorio and Formazza.
Of considerable aesthetic value are the surfaces machined by grinding, polishing, shot blasting and antiquing.

Major products for our company are:

  • Floor Serizzo
  • Skirting in Serizzo
  • Worked for building in Serizzo

Features Physical-Mechanical

Compression breaking load (Mpa)
Tensile strength to compression after freezing eyelashes (Mpa)
Inhibition coefficient (° / °)
Load unitary flexural strength (Mpa)
Impact Resistance (cm)
Frictional wear test
Unit volume weight (kg / m3)

Support bench in Serizzo