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The company Prini Graniti for decades works directly with Switzerland, especially the canton of Valais and Grisons. primary source of trade for our stone processing activities, so we have maintained over time a privileged relationship for the quantity and quality of supplies related to hedges with pioda.

In fact we can offer a service of supply in the short term, this is the traditional pioda that with our patented system, Pioda Prini ® which brings obvious improvements to the coverage pioda, with a significant savings.

Prini Granites other patented pioda performs processing with traditional pioda performing transport and any visits with their vehicles throughout Switzerland.

Our patented system

The patent relates to a roof covering for roofs in piode, work in part by hand and partly by machine, of rectangular shape having a fixed width of 40/45 cm and a length running of various sizes and with a thickness of 2/3 cm.
Each plate is equipped with two holes for fastening to the wooden lath using galvanized nails.
The part in view of the plates, including the edges and ends, it keeps the traditional machining gap, while not visible is made to the machine, the cover is so optimized and the load on the load-bearing beams decreases significantly.

With our pioda we get a roofing similar to the old stone roofs greatly reducing the cost, speeding up and simplifying the installation using half of the material must consequently halving the weight. A savings therefore, both in installation times, that of materials, in fact, our pioda, thanks to the patent Pioda Prini, can be laid by any builder, without the use of specialized layers.

Pioda Prini is an intelligent product, practical and convenient. Do not hesitate to call for information at +39 0324 35138 or write to

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