Soapstone is quarried who work directly in the Val d'Ossola.

It 'a unique material with exceptional resistance to temperature changes. The grill Soapstone is indicated in dietary cuisine, as cooks food without fat. Stone typical of our valley that we manage directly in more areas of small concessions. A stone with unique properties.

The Soapstone consists of granules in olivino aggregated rather coarse-grained bands and variable, this makes it pleasant even appearance. Among its main features includes a high heat resistance and the ability to keep it long, plus a good malleability that makes it easy to work.

The grill Soapstone is indicated in dietary cuisine, as cooks food without fat. Grey Stone is marketed in various sizes, the smaller are made for consumption in the table. 22x31x2 cm, 25x40x2 cm complete with stainless steel chassis and a package that also makes a funny and original gift item. Version 16.5 × 16.5 × 3 cm from single table with wooden support and cups door sauces. If required we can cut to size grills outdoor barbecue. Prini Graniti, over the years, has specialized in the production of stoves that use and optimize the heat effectively reducing energy costs. In addition, the type of radiation makes the stone stoves Soapstone among the healthiest on the market.

The stone is a variety of serpentine and is predominantly magnesium silicate; is divided into two main groups: the talcoscisto, which has as main component the talc, and chlorite, which has as main component the chlorite. These are distinguished by their crystalline structure, lamellar, granular, hardness and color.

The talcoscisto is greyish white and is found in abundance along the Alps Italian.
The chlorite-schist, typical green color, is much more rare, present in Ossola.
The Soapstone is a rock formation from the color ranging from dull green to gray, with dark veins and clear, sometimes with shades of blue, very tender and therefore easily workable.
The peculiarity of this material is to be very resistant to fire and retain heat for a long time, thus allowing a slow ideal for cooking grilled meats.
Thanks to its special thermal properties, the Soapstone remains a very useful tool in the kitchen, offering unparalleled benefits for a healthy diet: exceptional retention characteristics and heat transfer; immunity from acids alcalinici; high endurance of both the heat of the low temperatures; excellent non-stick properties; invariability of the product over time.

Blocco di Pietra Ollare Valle Vi

Certification of our Soapstone Turin Polytechnic, got away from us in the Ossola valleys.

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